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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Porsha Stewart Post-Divorce: I’m “Not Easily Broken”

Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Stewart is being seriously tested this month. A divorce is hard for anybody, but it's especially difficult to go through such a personal experience with the world watching on Twitter. Porsha even found out about her split on Twitter!

Now people are saying that she may be faking the drama to secure her spot on Season 6 of RHOA. Harsh!

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Despite all of the shade being thrown her way, however, Porsha is keeping it together. In fact, she's feeling so confident about her strength, she's broadcasting it across her very own T-shirts.

Porsha went on Instagram to model her tee, which boasts her new motto, "Not Easily Broken." Available at Troy Solomon Apparel under the Porsha Stewart Collection, the fitted garment comes in all different colors, including black and pink.

"I Believe every women who has ever had to face tough trials in life have to rise above her circumstance and let the world know she is NOT EASILY BROKEN!!," Porsha explained, urging her followers to pick up a shirt and "represent women."

Would you buy Porsha's tee?