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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Caleb Is the “Only One Who Can Unlock” Ravenswood’s Secrets

We still don’t know how we feel about Caleb’s (Tyler Blackburn) looming departure from Rosewood. On one hand, we’re happy to see Pretty Little Liars’ resident hacker get more screentime. On the other hand, we have a feeling this could be the end for our beloved Haleb.

However, the more we hear about Caleb’s Ravenswood destiny, the more we’re intrigued to see how this all plays out on Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. Now, we know you have a lot of the same conflicted feels, too, but it looks like Caleb is the only Rosewood resident who can “unlock the secrets of Ravenswood.”

When asked if Caleb will be featured on both PLL and Ravenswood, writer Joseph Dougherty replied, “There's plenty of Caleb to go around, but he's the only one who can unlock the secrets of Ravenswood.”

Given what we know about Ravenswood, the Pretty Little Liars spin-off in development, Caleb is most likely one of five strangers who suddenly find themselves connected by Ravenswood’s fatal curse. Now, Caleb and his Ravenswood team need to “dig into the town's mysterious and terrible history before it's too late for each of them."

So it looks like Caleb is leaving Rosewood’s deadly mysteries behind and heading into the supernatural (and did we mention deadly?) world of Ravenswood. Somehow, we’re more worried for Caleb than ever before.

We are definitely curious to see how this plays out for Caleb. Are you? Sound off in the comments! Hey, and if you’re still sad about Caleb, don’t worry. He’ll be on PLL until the Season 4 Halloween episode.