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Pretty Little Liars

Ravenswood Speculation: Which Other Pretty Little Liars Character Should Move?

By now, you probably are aware that Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn) will be leaving Rosewood in the show’s annual Halloween episode. His destination: Ravenswood, home of the Pretty Little Liars proposed spin-off. His departure upsets us greatly. Caleb is one half of the Haleb romance. He's also been a pretty good friend to the other Liars, and has an upcoming Toby bromance in store. Here are five other Rosewoodians we'd rather send to Ravenswood instead:


Jenna (Tammin Sursok) has not had the best of luck in Rosewood. Now might not seem like the best time for a move considering her reveal in the Season 3 finale that she is going blind again, but we think she has a better chance in Ravenswood than she's ever had in Rosewood where she’s been pigeon-holed since “the Jenna thing.” Remember the carefree Lady Gaga-impersonating Jenna who first moved to Rosewood? We want to see more of that fun-loving girl, and we think Ravenswood could be the perfect place to unleash her. We'll even let her take Shana.

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We're not sure what the heck Lucas (Brendan Robinson) has been up to since being nearly run down by “A” Team Toby and being blackmailed by Mona. Either way, we doubt it will change his local persona. In Rosewood, he will always be followed by Ali’s cruel taunts, but in Ravenswood, he would be free to define his own identity. Lucas has been a pretty good friend to Hanna over the seasons. We think he's earned main character status on his own show.


Cece (Vanessa Ray), on the other hand, hasn't earned anything. She's conniving and can't be trusted... but she does intrigue us. We don't think her story is over in Rosewood, but it would be fun to see more of her and that could definitely happen on Ravenswood. Cece also seems to be able to take care of herself (unless that's her corpse in Wilden's trunk). She is able to manipulate the people around her to get what she wants. If anyone has a chance of surviving what's in store for the residents of the cursed town of Ravenswood, then it's Cece.

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OK, so Claire Holt is already on another spin-off (reprising her role as Rebekah in The Vampire Diaries-inspired The Originals), but we really do love her. We haven't seen Samara since “A” made Emily give her number to one of Samara's friends, but we'd like to! Not only is Claire awesome, but Samara is self-confident and sexy. Plus, we’d like to imagine that Samara is actually Rebekah Mikaelson trying to play human high schooler again. Some of the early teases for Ravenswood seem to have a supernatural spin to them. We think Ravenswood might be vampire-friendly.


Remember Holden (Shane Coffey), Aria's childhood friend and sometimes martial arts defender who could drop dead at any moment due to his rare heart condition? Yeah, he didn't get much play in Season 3, popping up once to serve as a clue for Emily on her hunt for Maya's killer. Holden is adorable, funny, and has a seriously interesting (if not a bit soap operatic) backstory. We would love to see more of him, and not just as Aria's decoy date. We're thinking his martial arts training might come in handy in Ravenswood. His “live each day as if it's your last” attitude might be appropriate, too.

Who (if anyone) would you rather ship to Ravenswood instead of Caleb? Let us know in the comments below!

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.