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The Bachelor

Tierra LiCausi Before The Bachelor: Blond and Bright-Eyed!

Before Bachelor Season 17 contestant Tierra LiCausi became famous for her inability to control her own eyebrow and her, um, “sparkling” personality, she was just Little Tierra from the block — if your block is located near the Las Vegas strip, that is.

Sean Lowe thought she was pretty sweet for a while — some would argue it was for way too long. However, he eventually came around and joined the general opinion about Tierra. Which was that she’s Tierrable (nickname by Catherine Giudici, patent pending), in case that needed clarification. ;

Regardless of how sour you are on her, you have to admit Tierra had a way of looking awfully sweet when she wanted to (which was basically whenever Sean was in the room). But we have always been curious what she looked like
before she stepped out of the limo and into La Casa de Las Rosas. After coming across a Throwback Thursday pic on Tierra’s Instagram, we can see what she was talking about with all that “sparkle” business!

If you’re as curious as we were, click over to the next slide and check out this throwback pic of a young, wide-eyed and
blond Tierra before she became the Season 17 villainess you all loved to hate.

05.3.2013 / 10:39 PM EDT by Amber Garrett
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