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Jersey Shore

Vinny Guadagnino ‘All Blotchy’ From Lil Wayne, Ke$ha’s Visit?

Vinny Guadagnino’s spin-off The Show With Vinny premiered last night on MTV, and though you may have seen the guido welcome Lil Wayne and Jenna Marbles into his home no problem, you may not have seen just how nervous the Jersey Shore alum can get.

The show, a hybrid reality/talk show, features a slew of A-listers as they join Vinny and his very Italian family around the dinner table.

"Basically it's a show that shows the real side of people. It shows the human side of celebrities you don't always get to see."

And what exactly might you get to see? Nerves, according to the Staten Island native and his mom.

"I'm a fan of all these people, so when they come in the house I get really nervous," he said. "I'm like a fan ..."

"He does," his mom Paola said. "He gets all blotchy.” Aw, isn’t that sweet?

"I'm nervous like you would be nervous if Ciara walked into your house, or if Jenny McCarthy climbed into your bed that you grew up in,” Vinny defends. “But what makes it a little bit easier for me is that my mom and uncle don't know who any of these people are, so it kind of, like, makes me feel comfortable because I'm always like, 'Alright, you don't care,' because I don't want everyone pampering the person because it makes me more nervous."

And with a guest list featuring the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Ke$ha, Jenny McCarthy, and Brittany Snow, wouldn’t you be nervous too?

I know I would! Stay tuned this season to see just how nervous Vinny gets!

Source: MTV News

05.3.2013 / 04:51 PM EDT by Carson Blackwelder
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