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World’s First ‘Smart Pajamas’ for Kids: Lazy Parenting or Pure Genius?

Just when you think technology is at a stand-still, someone invents some other neat device or product that totally blows your brain cells. Case in point, the new smart pajamas that use a technology similar to QR codes on retail store products to tell a different bedtime story each time one of the unique dot clusters on the pj’s is scanned with a smart device.

No, these jammies are not even remotely electronic. They don’t have to be plugged in to charge during the day, there’s no touch screen on the chest, and go ahead and expel that microchip thought right now so we can focus.

Each pair of $25 duds—blue accents for boys and pink accents for girls—is decked out in 47 different braille-like scan-able clusters that trigger a unique story when scanned by a smartphone or tablet. Right now, the patent pending Smart PJ’s are synced with just two apps for Android and two for iPhone. The Smart PJ Stories app triggers a different bedtime story ranging from Mother Goose to the Brothers Grimm to Hans Christian Anderson, and the original Smart PJ’s app offers narrations on 47 different animals. Although the apps do provide a narrator, there is a convenient mute button in case you and the kids want to read along instead.

By Christmas, inventor Juan Murdoch tells Today Moms that he hopes to have released six new apps that will feature holiday themes, and others with songs or games. The design of the pajamas will not change, so every time the company releases a new free app, the bedtime selection grows!

Juan says he was inspired by his six young children to come up with a way to make bedtime a little less stressful on parents. Since the first day the jammies arrived at their home, Juan says his kids were thrilled. “Pajama day at school was a fun day.”

We want to know what you think of these new tech-inspired jammies for kids. Kind of lazy, or the smartest idea ever? Join the conversation!

Source: Today Moms, Smart PJ’s

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05.3.2013 / 12:47 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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