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The X Factor

Demi Lovato: “I Don’t Care About Taylor Swift’s Love Life”

Every group of friends has those two people who, no matter how similar they may be, are always like “You don’t know my life!” In our fictional girl gang, those two people are X Factor judge Demi Lovato and crossover queen Taylor Swift.

But although we have two queens in our life — Tay-Tay and Demi Goddess — the stress of perceived tension between them is starting to break our hearts. "I don't care about Taylor Swift's love life,” Demi said in an interview with Company (via Us Weekly). And she brought Tay’s ex into it, too, adding “I don't care about Harry Styles' love life."

We get it: this isn’t the first time we’ve noticed that Dems and Taylor seem to be on opposite ends of the boy-related lyrics apogees. "It is very unhealthy when girls devote all of their time to a guy,” Demi said in an interview a few months ago. Um, you mean like writing songs either confirmed or rumored to be about exes?

But this time around, we don’t think she was trying to dig Taylor a new heart hole. "I care about [my love life],” the pop diva finishes. “I find it weird that people are so obsessed with other people's love lives!"

Got it. So what Demi is really saying is more “give my heart a break” and less “wanna break your heart.” Noted. Sorry for doubting you, girl. We’re not worthy.

But hypothetical question, real fast. If you could only be BFF with one of the two pop stars, who would you choose: Team Taylor or Team Demi?

Source: Company via Us Weekly

05.4.2013 / 02:01 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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