Kanye West “Desperate To Escape” Pregnant Kim Kardashian?
Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram    
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Kanye West “Desperate To Escape” Pregnant Kim Kardashian?

Kanye West isn’t living in Paris to work on a new album and get a fashion line off the ground, nosiree. He’s living there because he wants to stay as far away from his baby mama Kim Kardashian as he possibly can! So says the National Enquirer, anyway.

Here we go:

“Kanye West has devastated his baby mama Kim Kardashian — by doing his best to remain an ocean apart!” shouts the tabloid.

“Things are incredibly tense between Kim and Kanye, and it doesn’t look like it will get better any time soon,” says this source. “As much as he knows that it breaks Kim’s heart, Kanye needs his space. He just won’t put up with the family circus that goes with dating a Kardashian.”

Pro tip, Kanye: If you’re desperate to escape someone, don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on private jets so you can see them. Rookie mistake, pal.

Apparently Kanye is so desperate to stay away from Kim because she’s turned into some sort of pregnancy monster (a “preg-zilla” as they put it), whose demanding ways have Kanye losing his mind.

“As far as Kanye is concerned, at this point either he takes this time out in Paris or they break up,” the source adds. “But whatever happens between them, he’s promised to be there for their baby.”

Source: National Enquirer via GossipCop