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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Spoilers: 8 Hints About Season 2, Episode 21

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 21: "Second Star to the Right" (May 5) is the first of the two part Season 2 finale, so you know it's going to be big. What can we expect from the episode? The first eight minutes have been released. Let's look at what they tell us.

Bae went to London. Apparently when he fell through the portal Bae landed in 19th century London and wound up a street urchin, as we see at the beginning of the promo. But don't worry, he makes a friend — a certain Wendy Darling.

Tamara's lie. How is Tamara covering for her illicit activities? She's pretending she's training for a marathon!

Gold has gone craaaaaazy. Apparently Lacey's bad influence has really gotten to Gold. Now he's going around beating up on people for no real reason, like his early Dark One days. And guess what? Neal is not impressed.

Neal and Emma? It seems like the whole "do Neal and Emma still have feelings for each other?" thing might come into play this episode, since it's brought up again.

Finding Regina. The Charmings and Emma want to get the beans back from Regina, but quickly realize she's been abducted. Emma thinks it's Tamara, the Charmings think it's Gold. Either way, the first step is for the Charmings to go to Gold — to find out what he did, or get his help. Emma? She's going back to Tamara's room. Hmm...

The beans! Uh-oh: Tamara and Greg have got their hands on the beans... and the failsafe diamond. This cannot be good for the Storybrooke residents.

"Home office." Tamara and Greg are officially working for an organization that has a home office.

Regina is tortured. By Greg, with science, because of his dad. Uh-oh.

Watch the opening below.