Revenge Season 2 Finale Death Spoilers: Lost Lovers!
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Revenge Season 2 Finale Death Spoilers: Lost Lovers!

We’re only one episode away from the sure-to-be-epic Season 2 finale of Revenge. And hold onto your lobster, Revengers, because one of the nine original main characters will die in a big way.

We’ve been speculating on this death for weeks, but a new spoilers from E! News prove that it’s going to be even more painful than we originally anticipated.

Apparently there’s going to be, “a certain love interest who will be left behind...and devastated.”

And, “The death also will set up a new (previously unscathed) character for his or her quest for vengeance.”

In this case, all roads lead to Charlotte Grayson, whose lover, Declan Porter, would be devastated to lose her and who hasn’t had a reason for Revenge yet.

Or could it be Aiden Mathis leaving Emily Thorne behind and sparking a quest for vengeance in someone else ... his actually alive sister, perhaps?

So many questions and we’ll get our answers on May 12! Who do you think will die in the finale? Weigh in below.

Source: E! News