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The X Factor

What Is Demi Lovato Most Excited About for X Factor 2013? Exclusive

Demi Lovato is already our role model, our spirit animal, our imaginary mentor. When we ask questions, the X Factor judge (slash doll we made in her image) answers with the wisest wisdom. But seeing as Demi has a lot on her plate these days, she’s got to whittle her wisdom giving-ness down to just a few lucky folks — and we didn’t quite make the cut.

Lucky for you, though, Demi is taking part in the Acuvue 1-Day Contest, which asks fans to upload a 30-60 second video talking about dreams (you know, like what you want to do one day), where you find your confidence to pursue those dreams, and why you should be chosen. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll win a trip to LA to attend a celeb event (Joe Jonas, Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell, and Dwight Howard are also part of the contest) plus a year’s supply of 1-Day ACUVUE® MOIST® contact lenses. The contest ends May 30, 2013 (enter here).

Wetpaint caught up with Demi to talk to her about signing on for a second year as an X Factor judge, being a mentor to her contestants, and why she decided to be part of the contest.

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Wetpaint Entertainment: You recently signed on for X Factor 2013. What changes would you like to see in the competition? New age groups or categories? New judges or hosts you’d like to see? Any other format changes?
Demi Lovato: I’m really excited for this upcoming season — I’m no longer the rookie! I’m just really looking forward to discovering new talent. It’s great that Mario is back, and I’m looking forward to seeing who else joins me and Simon on the panel!

How will your experience as a mentor on X Factor influence how you mentor the winner(s)?
My experience as a mentor on The X Factor influences how I mentor in the ACUVUE® 1-DAY Contest because it’s another way for me to help people go after and achieve their dreams. Both are opportunities for me to motivate someone and help them be confident in their abilities.

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How did you get involved with the Acuvue 1-Day Contest?
I received the ACUVUE® Inspire Award at Teen Choice 2011 and from there, I was introduced to the ACUVUE® 1-DAY Contest. Once I learned more about it, I was really inspired and wanted to give back and help teens reach their dreams, so I became a mentor.

We know that body image in young girls is really important to you. How does this contest tie in with your mission to empower girls with self-acceptance?
The ACUVUE® 1-DAY Contest ties in with my mission to empower girls with self-acceptance because it encourages teens to be confident, follow their dreams and believe that anything is possible. As a mentor, my goal is to inspire teens to believe in themselves and motivate them to reach for their dreams, no matter how big.

What do you hope to impart to your mentee?
I hope to impart confidence and the belief that anything is possible. By being confident and believing in yourself, I truly feel that you can make all your dreams come true.

Reporting by Wetpaint Entertainment Staff

05.4.2013 / 03:30 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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