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The Vampire Diaries

What to Expect in Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 22 — A Detailed Analysis of the Promo Video

Elena (Nina Dobrev) has her emotions back, so now the gang can get back to more important matters — like preventing a supernatural apocalypse. In The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 22, “The Walking Dead” promo, Silas is making his usual mayhem. We’ll take you through second by second. Try and guess who’s real — and who’s just an imposter.

0:01 — Liz!
Way to bounce back so quickly, Sheriff.

0:03 — Stefan and Damon are on the case.
Why don’t you just deputize them already?

0:04 — Patients drained of blood.
Guess Silas used up all the blood bags before?

0:05 — “Think it’s Silas?”
Sigh. Yes, Liz. We’ll give you a pass on the obvious question because you almost died so recently.

0:06 — The patient
Kind of reminds us of when Buster was in that coma on Arrested Development.

0:07 — “Silas is fueling up for something big.”
Wait, you can just drink four people’s worth of blood and it just makes you super strong?

0:09 — “Silas can be anyone.”
Yep, we figured that out a few weeks ago, Bonnie.

0:10 — Someone’s bitten!
Is that Stefan?!

0:11 — Bloody-faced dude.
How very Hannibal Lecter.

0:12 — Yep, it was Stefan.
Silas is just biting people now. Rude.

0:12 — Bleeding rock.
Bonnie, I think there’s something wrong with your science fair project.

0:13 — Katherine’s a skeptic.
She and Bonnie should have a hijinks-filled road trip like Elena and Rebekah did.

0:14 — Bonnie fondles her rock.
Yech. Bonnie, at least wear gloves. Please.

0:15 — Typical Mystic Falls cave.
Nothing to see here.

0:16 – 0:17 — Katherine says nay to releasing hell on earth.
Oh, Kat. You just sound like Kol now.

0:18 — It’s blustery in Mystic Falls.
Must be Winds-day.

0:19 — Rebekah looks scared.
When Bex is frightened, things are either really bad or she’s just trying to make a move on Stefan in the woods of a Canadian island.

0:20 — Damon wants to stop Bonnie.
Don’t attempt Elena’s method. It’s liable to be lethal for the wrong party.

0:21 — Oh, it’s Silas’s cave.
Of all the caves underneath Mystic Falls, what are the chances?

0:23 — Silas’s face.
I think it’s starting to grow on me.

0:24 — Punch!
Hm. We have no idea who’s involved in this tussle.

0:24 — Oh, it’s Elena.
Or Katherine.

0:25 – 0:26 — Kooooooooool!
Whoa. Kol looks good for a ghost!

05.4.2013 / 04:42 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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