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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Finale Spoilers: Expect a Lot of “Emotional Death”

Remember when Shonda Rhimes promised us that there wouldn’t be a catastrophe this season? Well, it looks like Grey’s Anatomy fans are in for a lot of death in the Season 9 finale (“Perfect Storm”) “emotional death,” that is.

Back in March, the writers have made some "very bold shocking decisions" about the finale that changed everything. Now, not only are Meredith and her baby in danger, but there’s also a doctor fighting for his or her life in the finale!

“We're definitely going to see some people in jeopardy. When we leave the season, we're definitely going to be worried about one of our own,” Shonda told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I don't think that anything can match the brutality of last year's finale for me,” she added. “I just watched it again recently and was kind of surprised myself about the brutality of it. I don't think we're going to match that but for a lot of our characters, it's a much more emotional. There's a lot of emotional death.”

Yikes! “Emotional death”? Does that have anything to do with the potential Calzona drama? Shonda said Arizona’s flirtation with craniofacialist Lauren (Hilarie Burton) goes “very, very far,” and this probably doesn’t sit well with Callie. But will Arizona actually cheat on Callie, the woman who supported her even in her darkest days after the plane crash?

“The goal of the story becomes really clear in the last moments of the finale: you really begin to understand in their last scene,” Shonda told THR. “From our table read, that was the most stunning moment of the table read — the entire cast gasped and fell silent. You begin to really understand what's going on here. It's complex and it's big for them and you're seeing something huge.”

Uh-oh. We don’t know about you, Grey’s fans, but we’re worried.

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