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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Finale Speculation: Is Hook Wendy’s Father?

Something common to most of the Peter Pan stage and film productions is the tradition of having the same actor play both Wendy's father, Mr. Darling, and Captain Hook (in the 2003 live action film, for example, both roles were filled by Jason Isaacs). This well-maintained tradition made us wonder...could our Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) be Wendy’s father?


One of our major reasons for thinking this this twist possible is co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis' claims that no one has guessed the mysterious connection between Hook and Bae/Neal. We know from the ten-minute sneak peek of Sunday's episode (Season 2, Episode 21: “Second Star to the Right”) that Bae meets Wendy by eating bread off the Darling table. We assumed this eventually led to Bae's connection to Hook when she brought him to Neverland, but what if he meets Hook even sooner? Say, in the sitting room for tea.

Another reason we think this twist could work is the precedent this show has set when it comes to characters’ counterparts. The residents of Storybrooke had two identities due to the curse. Could something similar have happened to Hook/Mr. Darling? It's a bit of a stretch, but let's face it — this show has done crazier things.

Maybe not

The timing of this conceit would be difficult. Bae comes to Victorian London after his mother ran off with Hook to sail the Seven Seas (of Neverland?), but presumably before Rumple kills Milah and chops off Hook's arm. This means that when Bae gets to Neverland, Hook should be hanging with his mom. Unless, Milah is Mrs. Darling (which we suppose is possible given the weird timeline of this show), this would take some serious 'splainin. But isn't that OUAT's signature move: do something outrageous, and make it work by sheer force of will and Robert Carlyle's acting prowess?

We hope so

Colin O'Donoghue has the Hook thing down: he can swagger, rock guyliner, and double entendre is practically his superpower. How much fun would it be to see him play the bumbling Mr. Darling, businessman and father? It would also lend more complexity to his character. I mean, we're digging the whole heartbroken revenger thing, but it's a bit one-note.

Do you think Hook could be Wendy's father? Let us know in the comments below!

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