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Revenge Live Chat: Season 2, Episode 20, “Engagement”

We’re only one episode away from the sure-to-be-epic Season 2 finale of Revenge and tonight’s “Engagement” is sure to be a doozy.

Daniel and Emily are finally going to tie the knot and this time these two crazy kids might actually make it work.

Join Wetpaint Entertainment for our “Engagement” live chat! Keep refreshing for more updates and join the conversation in the comments.

9:01 — We're loving the giant chess set, Em. Going a little Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on us, aren't ya?

9:04 — Careful, Victoria, your face might freeze that way.

9:08 — He does have a point, Vicki. Three children with three men ... no judgement, just sayin'.

9:12 — Umm, yeah, Emily understands that it's a sister thing, Charlotte. And she's much more badass than Fauxmanda.

9:15 — Hit her where it hurts, Vicki! One point for Team Bandage Dress.

9:21 — Danny, stop trying to show Charlotte any brotherly love. We forgot you were even related.

9:26 — Careful, Aiden. You're playing with nerds and that typically puts people six feet under the sand dunes.

9:36 — Victoria Grayson requires a portrait with a spotlight, Emily!

9:38 — Charlotte arrested for rowdy behavior? Is it Season 1 again?

9:47 — Oh yeah, that's right. Emily's dating Aiden. Now, if only we could make Nemily happen.

9:51 — The student kills the teacher! We didn't see that one coming!

9:56 — Charlotte PREGNANT?! Eww, too many images of Declan ... ewwwww!

10:00 — Hold on to your seat belts, Revengers! Carrion has begun.

05.6.2013 / 06:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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