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Revenge Recap From Season 2, Episode 20, “Engagement”: One Happy Couple, Arrest, and Death

With one episode left until the drama-packed Season 2 finale of Revenge, tonight’s installment shared no expense in the action department. There were grand romantic gestures, giant chess sets, and even a death.

Read on to see all that went down in tonight’s episode.

I Think I Wanna Marry You ... Maybe

With Aiden’s blessing, Emily has slipped her giant canary diamond back on courtesy of Daniel Grayson — CEO and supreme moron. And to officially answer Danny’s “proposal” (if you count being re-gifted the same ring a legitimate proposal), Emily sets up a candlelit dinner complete with a decorative life size chess board. That’s right, apparently she’s marrying Daniel Radcliffe and they’re planning on evening games of Wizard’s Chess.

But giant board games aren’t Em’s only surprise for Daniel. She’s booked him a plane to Paris where she wants to live and light baguettes on fire while completing her mission.

Of course Daniel’s all, “OMG, you’re beautiful! This is a dream come true!” And Emily’s all, “I know peasant, just say yes.”

All that’s left to do is tell Victoria the good news and watch her head explode, which it basically does much to Emily’s delight. Conrad’s just excited to have a blond around the house, and happily congratulates the couple, who look like they’ve just crawled out of a J. Crew catalogue. Hopefully now Daniel will finally be able to move out of that embarrassing pool house and build Emily the Paris dream castle she requires (with double infinity secret passageways, obvi).

To celebrate the engagement part deux, Emily hosts a party at her house (you know, the one with her incriminating evidence and double infinity carvings that match her tattoo).

She challenges Victoria to a porch swing duel (aka they talk with intense glances), and is quick to inform her nemesis that she plans on plopping out two to three little Revengers with Daniel and they’ll hang a picture of Victoria on the mantle her grandchildren will know what she looks like. We understand Em’s desire to keep her offspring away from Vicki, but all youngsters need a connection to their heritage … and her killer bandage dress collection.

When Victoria continues to insist that Emily’s not head over Louboutins for Daniel, she throws out some David Clarke references and quickly sashays away. Point 1 for goldilocks.

Credit: Danny Feld/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Code Orange

In case you’ve forgotten about the winged menace who reigned over the interwebs for years as The Falcon, her name is Edith Lee and she is currently rockin’ an orange jumpsuit behind bars thanks to Nolan Ross.

Nolan happily put his feathered friend in the slammer after she got a little sloppy and accidentally allowed him access to her entire hard drive last week. But Edith has too much dirt on Nolan and Co. to do the time for this crime.

Nolan goes searching for answers and Edith tells him that Victoria paid Patrick Harper $5 million to disappear. We also learn that Edith holds the magic trigger to setting off the Carrion program, making her invaluable to both The Initiative and the Revengers.

Under the Boardwalk

Meanwhile at Angst Manor, Jack Porter is cooking up a pile of moody with a side of brooding. The floppy-haired barkeep is running around town trying to take down Conrad Grayson’s political race. Fortunately, his new bestie Ashley Davenport now has insider access to Conrad, and Ash sends Jack to Grayson Manor to converse with the true enemy — Victoria Grayson.

The queen of the Hamptons and its lead peasant both don’t want to see Emily end up marrying Daniel, and since Jack was the one to break them up the first time, he might be the perfect person for this mission.

Jack shows Victoria the photo of Conrad’s clandestine meeting with the governor’s wife Allison Stoddard, and the Hamptons Queen pays blondie a visit. Surprisingly, she doesn’t uncover a torrid affair, but instead Allison is feeding Conrad intel to keep her hubby out of the Governor’s Mansion. Why? Apparently this fearless leader has a heart condition not suitable for politics and Allison is afraid this job will end up costing him his life.

Victoria, who hasn’t been with a man she’s actually cared about in years seems a bit confused by Allison’s predicament, but promises to help. This "help" is Vicki leaking Allison's confession and publicly destroying his campaign.

Meanwhile, Jack confronts Emily about her engagement to the offspring of their mutual enemies. Once again she’s vague and cryptic, and once again it’s not enough for Jack. Ugh, when will she tell her childhood sweetheart the truth?!

Mommy Dearest

Victoria’s still searching for her first-born and it turns out she actually has Conrad’s blessing. Her doting (read: evil and conniving) hubby has allowed her to offer Nolan his company back if it means finding long-lost Patrick.

And it seems every little 40-year-old orphan is hoping that the “son” will come out tomorrow, but Vicki’s not buying the fan mail. Perhaps Nolan will have better luck on the nerd-o-sphere.

Charlotte Interrupted

You guys, Charlotte Grayson/Clarke/Grayson is going through a really tough time, OK? Her half sister who wasn’t really even her sister died in an epic boat explosion while trying to save a charm necklace. Now Emily’s trying to pull her back to the side of pearls and polo by making her the maid of honor in her wedding.

But even her real half-sister can’t pull her away from the newest bad influence, Regina, who has also become her latest dealer. These two ladies enjoy hitting up the clubs and puking outside of them for the paparazzi and the police to see.

Naturally Charlotte stumbles a bit too much for one officer’s liking and gets arrested right before Conrad’s election. Danny bails his sister out of the slammer only to learn that Charlotte is actually ... PREGNANT? Sorry, we’ll be spending the next few months trying to wipe images of Declan Porter dock sex from our brains.

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Dangerous Liaisons

Daniel’s learned about Aiden’s father’s connection to the downing of Flight 197 thanks to a mysterious source and now he’s officially be escorted out of Grayson Global for good. It’s back to fish and chips for this British babe.

Instead, Aiden goes straight to Nolan asking his help to take Emily out of the game. These two have gone up against some perilous foes, but they’ve never endured the wrath of Emily Thorne herself. So when Aiden has this epiphany about all things revenge and tries to convince Nolan to destroy Emily’s mission in the process, we knew this Brit was going to get his bangers mashed (probably with a lobster).

Aiden claims to know that completing one’s mission doesn’t lead to sunshine and kittens and wants Emily to stop before she hurts herself or anyone else. Technically Nolan has been against Emily’s path of vengeance since Day 1, but as a service to her father, has agreed to look after her. Will his desire to stay loyal to Emily outweigh his need to keep her safe? It better not!

And it looks like Emily’s going to need more help than ever considering Takeda was the one who sabotaged Aiden and who is turning his back on the starcrossed lovers he trained. How are they supposed to go up against the man who used to rock a rattail?

Turns out, we had nothing to worry about. Aiden challenges Takeda to a samurai duel and ends up stabbing his former teacher in the stomach with his own sword. Does that mean he gets extra credit in revenging?

The newly enraged Aiden immediately goes to drain the Graysons’ bank accounts against Emily’s wishes, but it seems to trigger The Initiative setting Carrion loose on the city. All of Manhattan is in blackout mode and we’ll be in the dark until next week’s finale!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Tell us below! And to see a detail account of tonight's fashions, visit You Know You Love Fashion!

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