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The Kardashians

Will Kim Kardashian Put Her Baby On TV Against Kanye West’s Wishes?

Since announcing her pregnancy, Kim Kardashian has been claiming that wee Baby Kimye wouldn’t be appearing on any of the Kardashian clan’s many reality shows, in part because daddy Kanye West is no lover of the reality lifestyle. But is her commitment to protecting her baby’s privacy wavering?

When Kim was asked in a recent interview with The Times Magazine if her little one would be appearing on TV, Kim’s response was, “I don’t think so. Not as of right now.”

Not as of right now? That’s a far cry from Kim’s former declaration of, “Our baby is not going to be on our show.” It sounds to us like she’s maybe leaving herself a little wiggle room in all of this, and sister Khloe thought so too.

“Never say never,” Khloe reportedly added.

Apparently, Kim then implied that (surprise, surprise!) Kanye is the one who has a problem with putting their family on TV like big sister Kourtney’s brood. “I love and enjoy seeing Mason and Penelope on the show,” Kim said. “But Scott and Kourtney are in the same business of reality television, so it works for them.”

Kanye, unlike Kourtney and Scott, has no interest in being in the reality TV business. So, if Kim has changed her mind, she’s likey going to face a serious challenge from her baby daddy. Then again, maybe they'll just stick with their original parenting plan: "When the baby’s old enough," Kim said on Jimmy Kimmel Live, "And...he or she decides that’s what they want to do, then that’ll be a decision."

We're stiill having a hard time imagining a reality TV world without Kim Kardashian in it, so we're just going to say we'll believe this one when we see it!

Source: The Times Magazine via Radar Online