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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky’s Boyfriend Kevin Manno: 7 Things to Know

Love is in the air for Ali Fedotowsky, and for once, it’s not tainted by the smell of decaying roses. Yes, that’s right. As we (and everyone else who still counts Ali on their list of BFFLs) reported earlier, the Season 6 Bachelorette is getting cozy with Kevin Manno, and just had the cutest date in L.A. on May 5.

But since we care about the petite 1st Look host, and know you do, too (side note: if you don’t, stop reading this article because your rude comments are cowardly and unwelcome), we’ve rounded up seven things you might want to know about the man who has stolen Ali’s heart.

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1. Ali and Kevin Have a (Professional) History
Although Kevin hasn’t been on our radar until now, that doesn’t mean he and Ali just met on JDate and fell in love over their mutual adoration for one another’s dating profiles. Nope: Kevin and Ali have worked together on 1st Look projects in the past. Although...

2. Kevin Has Been Married Before
First photos of Ali and Kev working together showed up on Instagram as far back as a year ago. However, at the time, Kevin was married to wife Kris. He and his ex got hitched in 2011, when he was living in NYC working for MTV, and moved back to Ali’s favorite city, Chicago. But it didn’t work out, and the two separated and were divorced in 2012.

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3. Kevin Hosts a Dance Moms Spin-Off
What does it take to be qualified to host Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, a spin-off of Dance Moms? Uh, we’d imagine a great deal of patience and the ability to withstand glare from copious sequins. Kevin started hosting the Lifetime show in October 2012, and just began filming season 2 in LA, because...

4. He’s Tri-Coastal
Let’s see... He was born in Indiana, went to college in Chicago, moved to New York once MTV discovered him, then back to Chicago after his MTV show The Seven got canceled, and recently relocated to Los Angeles. Translation: he’s as perfectly portable as jetsetter Ali.

5. He’s Super Close to His Family
Kevin and his brother, Ryan, have worked together for years on music and video-related projects, and even created The Manno Program, for which they made tons of Internet content. See also: a billion photoshopped pics of Kevin and Ryan in strange situations, thanks to Kevin’s excellent use of computers for the exact purpose they were created for...

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6. He Won an Emmy
Oh, yeah, did we mention that Kevin is an Emmy winner? Cuz he is. He won a 2011-2012 Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award for his Host/On-Air Talent contributions to Emmy Award-winning “MIO/The Seven.” Um, Outstanding Commercial is the category? So, there’s that (whatever that all means).

7. He’s a Part-Time Veejay, Full-Time Music Lover
It isn’t just MTV he’s ‘jayed (is that a thing?) for. He also worked at Chicago’s alt-rock station Q101 with his brosef, and is a frequent guest on KROQ. It should be noted that his most important contribution to our world is that he once surprised Justin Bieber on MTV’s The Seven in 2011. Justin’s voice breaks, and not in a hot way.

Bonus: He’s, Like, Twins with Frank Neuschaefer
Just look at it. Uncanny.

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