American Idol 2013: What Should the American Idol Top 3 Sing?
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American Idol

American Idol 2013: What Should the American Idol Top 3 Sing?

When it comes to competing on American Idol, song choices are absolutely crucial. This week, the Top Three have it easy, as they only have one song to choose for themselves. The other two themes are “Jimmy’s Choice” and “Judges’ Choice”. These are always interesting, as the table can really turn when the judges pick a real stinker for the singers. However, these three are so talented, we can’t imagine them bombing on any song. We’re going to go ahead and make a few of our own choices for the themes:

Jimmy’s Choice:

Kree Harrison: Jimmy Iovine loved when Kree sang “Up To The Mountain” many weeks ago, and he’s been dying for her to get back to that kind of passion. While it’s always risky to pick a song that’s been repeated, Amber Holcomb and Angie MIller have both done it with success. We think this could be a great one.

Candice Glover: If Jimmy’s smart, he’ll go back to Adele for Candice. Her “Lovesong” moment will go down in the annals of American Idol history as one of the all-time best performances. We’ve been dying for her to take on “Skyfall,” and we hope this what Jimmy chooses for this powerhouse vocalist.

Angie Miller: We know he’s not going for Rihanna, that’s for sure! He will probably go for something on the contemporary side, though, and we think P!nk’s “Glitter In The Air” could be a magical moment for Angie.

Judges’ Choice:

Kree Harrison: The judges love Kree’s more bluesy side so we think they’ll go with a country artist with a heavy blues influence like Bonnie Raitt. “The Thing Called Love” would also bring our a more playful side to Kree, which the judges have been dying to see.

Candice Glover: The world is this gir’s oyster when it comes to song choice, but we think the judges will go the contemporary route, as they don’t want Candice to come off seeming like an old-fashioned jazz artist. Singing Beyonce’s “Halo” could be risky, as Angie already took that one on with great success, but we’d love to hear Candice’s take on this beautiful song.

Angie Miller: “You Set Me Free”. Need we say more? The judges have been falling all over themselves to try and get Angie to perform her original song again since that magical moment during Hollywood Week, so we can’t imagine their choice will be anything else.

Producer’s Choice:

Kree Harrison: MJ from MJs Big Blog mentioned a while back that Kree said she’s been heavily influenced by Patsy Cline, but she hasn’t take on one of her songs yet. We think this is when she’ll bring out the big guns and sing something like “Crazy”. It would be amazing. Another thing we’d love to hear her perform live is the song she wrote about her parents after they passed away, but we’re not sure she’d be able to get through something so raw on stage.

Candice Glover: She might go the safe route and perform “Lovesong” again and, although we tend to prefer hearing something for the first time, this one was so stunning, we’d love to hear it again.

Angie Miller: Do you guys remember Katelyn Epperly? The Season 9 contestant isn’t discussed very often but we thought she was amazing. She performed The Coldplay’s “The Scientist” at the piano and she got mixed reviews from the judges, but we think Angie performing this at the piano would be unforgettable. Katelyn’s rendition was a little too slow and sleepy but, if Angie sped it up a bit more, it could seal the deal for her to win it all.

What do you think of our picks? What songs would you choose for the Top Three on American Idol?

05.7.2013 / 01:30 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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