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Chelsea Houska Worries Adam Won’t Pay Attention to Aubree After Taylor Gives Birth

Have you heard the fabulous news? Chelsea Houska's baby daddy, the bearded mountain man known as Adam Lind, is about to be a daddy … again! This notorious hunk is expecting a child with his current girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, and Chelsea is less than thrilled — mostly because she's concerned about Adam's OG kiddo, baby Aubree.

"I was shocked when I found out that he [Adam] was expecting another kid," Chelsea tells In Touch. "He told me right away when he found out and I was just so upset for Aubree. I’m worried. What if that child gets more attention from him? I don’t want her to feel left out or anything like that."

It's no secret that Adam hasn't been the most attentive father to Aubree, but this might have something to do with the fact that he and Chelsea have a rocky relationship. Oh, and the fact that he's currently in jail on work-release.

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"I’m happy for them. I just feel that he’s in a bad place right now and it’s probably not a good situation to bring a child into — especially since he has one," Chelsea explains, adding that she hopes Adam will get his act together post jail. "[I wish] that [Adam] would learn something from being in jail and being away from Aubree, grow up, stop getting in trouble and we could get along and he could see Aubree and she could be part of her sibling’s life and that everyone would be happy. That would be the perfect scenario."

It looks like Chelsea is willing to be the bigger person when it comes to the newest addition to Adam's family, though she admits that her initial reaction to the news was less than mature. "He texted me and said that he had something to tell me and I immediately knew that’s what it was, so I called him and asked him if she was pregnant and he said, 'Yeah,'" Chelsea explains. "I’m pretty sure I hung up because I was just so upset."

Luckily, it looks like Chelsea has gotten used to the idea of Adam being someone else's baby daddy, and she thinks Aubree will love being a big sister — though this little lady still hasn't been told the good news.

Do you think Adam will pay as much attention to Aubree as he does to his new daughter? Hit the comments!

Source: In Touch