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Dani Shay Talks Puppy Parenting With Girlfriend Ali Stroker — Exclusive

Back in April The Glee Project's Ali Stroker announced on Instagram that she and girlfriend Dani Shay had decided to become foster parents to an adorable little dog named Urban.

Glee Project couple announced their relationship back in December with an adorable and romantic music video. Now, they’re taking a big step in their relationship — becoming temporary co-parents of a pup in need.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Dani about the couple’s new little family. “He's actually, just to clear the record, our foster dog. So he's not officially our dog,” she tells us.

We don't have the space, unfortunately, or the schedule to keep a full-time dog right now. So we did have a good chunk of time available, and we were like, let's foster a dog for a while. So he's kind of in between homes, and there's a possible home situation on the front now.

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Dani says that life with the new pup has been awesome. “He's so fun and playful and goofy, and he is snugly, like he loves to lay with us on the couch, on the bed, anywhere that he can get in between us somehow, he'll wedge himself in.”

But does that mean that she and Ali are ready to take the leap into becoming full-time parents of a pet? “I think no. I think not so much,” she tells us.

As great as he is, and as wonderful as he is, especially not if we're living in New York because there's no yard for him, I can't just open the back door and let him out. There's no such thing in New York.”

Urban has to go to a dog park twice a day, and that can be tough to manage in a bustling place like New York City. “Maybe when we have a yard, and that sort of thing in the future there might be a dog. But this is a really great opportunity for us to see what it would be like. It requires a lot more attention than you think, even with a really fabulous dog who's already trained.”

That said, Dani realizes that Urban won’t be with her forever, but she’s actually looking forward to see him find a permanent family to live with. “ I love him, and I'm so excited for him to have a great home.”

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