Deena Nicole Gives Pauly D an Adorable Surprise! (PHOTO)
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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole Gives Pauly D an Adorable Surprise! (PHOTO)

Of all of the friendships on Jersey Shore, the one between Deena Nicole and Pauly D is one of the ones we miss the most. Who ever thought that a wild party girl meatball and goofy DJ Pauly would become BFFs? Although they had their share of ups and downs, and at one point Deena had a huge crush on Pauly which made their friendship pretty awkward, they remain friends today. In fact, Pauly is one of the only roomies that Deena keeps in touch with now.

As evidence of this fact, Deena recently tweeted Pauly: “@DJPaulyD misssshhh youuu!”, and then tweeted an adorable self-pic to surprise her BFF, a photo of her wearing a Dirty Couture star tee (Pauly’s signature shirt!) while throwing up a peace sign.

“Rockin my #dirty_couture today @dirtycouture @djpaulyd Hiiii Paulyyyy!,” she wrote as a caption. Aww!

As if things couldn’t get any cuter, Pauly responded: “<< Looks Good Girl.” Okay, we really need another reunion between these two. As far we as we know, the last time they saw each other was in Atlantic City back in March.

What do you think of Deena’s sweet surprise for Pauly? Do you miss their friendship? Share below!