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Dancing With The Stars

Did Len Lose His Mind on Kellie, Derek and Tristan’s Dancing With the Stars 2013 Trio Paso Doble?

As Tom Bergeron put it to Dancing With the Stars judge Len Goodman, "I don't know you anymore."

Can we all pretend the same?

The strangest thing just happened on Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Week 8. Len lost whatever was left of his mind, first dissing the Paso Doble Trio dance by Kellie Pickler, Derek Hough, and Tristan MacManus, then picking a fight with fellow judge Bruno Tonioli, saying something about something being stuck up the Italian judge's ass. And Bruno is usually the vulgar one!

For the record, we LOVED that Paso. Totally on board with the 10s Bruno and Carrie Ann Inaba gave it. Bruno said, “That was masterpiece theater.” It had high art and high drama. From angels to demons. So engrossing and entertaining. Carrie Ann did a little dance and ran over to hug Kellie. “That was incredible! You took my breath away.” Bruno went over to hug Derek and Tristan. Everyone wanted a piece of the dance. Then Len said he was expecting more than flashing lights and cracking music. At first, we thought maybe he was doing one of his build-ups to a big compliment. Nope! He said it was a hodepodge of moves. Where’s the twist turns? Where’s the recognizable ... (Interrupted by "BOOS") “I don’t want to see flashing lights, crashing music, I wanted a Paso Doble!” He stood up and yelled as everyone booed. Then he yelled at Bruno, that Bruno can’t talk unless he’s standing up and … something gets stuck up his ass. Wow!

After the whole fight, Len gave the dance ... a 7. He might as well have just slapped Kellie, Derek and Tristan in the face.

How do you feel after that? Did you agree with Len or is he officially on crack?