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Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham Calls Ex-Boyfriend a “Loser” and a “Mental Case”

Remember when Farrah Abraham tried to get her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Alvarez, to marry her on that beautifully awkward paddle boat ride from hell? Those were good times, mostly because Farrah looked hilarious in her life jacket.

Sadly, Farrah and Daniel's relationship was doomed to fail, and he straight-up rejected her during a romantic vacation in his hometown of Austin, Texas. Since their breakup, Daniel has stayed pretty quiet about his 'ship with Farrah, but he came clean during an interview in Teen Mom Confidential. And guys? It's not pretty. Unlike boyfriend's eyelashes, which are beautiful.

“I went into this relationship not knowing anything about Farrah or her show," Daniel says. "I met a person that I was attracted to both physically and emotionally, and was trying to give her a chance, just like I would anyone else. [Then] I saw what most people have been seeing on TV for years — an unappreciative and self-centered individual.”

Dang, that's pretty harsh — and Farrah isn't about to let Daniel's comments slide.

“You shouldn’t talk to losers," Farrah replied in a statement. "They are all horrible people. That is why they are not in my life. They make s— up … They don’t know their a— from a hole in the ground. I discredit anything that they say because they are such mental cases.”

Sigh, this gal has such a way with words. No wonder her song lyrics are so poetic!

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05.7.2013 / 08:37 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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