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Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham Lands Six-Figure Endorsement Deal For Diet Pills!

Now that we've chowed down on the proverbial feast that is Farrah Abraham's debut adult film, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, our body is in major need of a cleanse. Mostly because we binge-ate about five pizzas due to emotional distress. The good news? Farrah is the gift that keeps on giving, and she's offering up a tantalizing antidote to her porn-o-palooza!

That's right, Teen Mom's good girl gone bad just landed her first endorsement deal for none other than Raspberry Tones, a "diet and fat-loss" pill. According to TMZ, the higher-ups at Raspberry Tones were so impressed by Farrah's recent bikini pictures (the same ones featured on the cover of her porn tape) that they immediately asked her to be their spokesperson.

"Farrah represents a growing audience of young, active people who take care of their health and use only natural products to look and feel great," a rep for Raspberry Tones says. "Farrah looks fit and fabulous, and takes care of her body, and a lot of health-conscious people can look up to that."

Preach. We look up to Farrah for so many reasons. Or at least we used to.

So, how much cash is Farrah pocketing for her latest business venture? TMZ reports that our favorite Teen Mom is making major bank, and has earned "somewhere in the low six figures."

Way to bring home the bacon, Farrah!

Will you guzzle up this gal's miracle pills, or do you think she should stick to doing what she does best? (Read: James Deen.)

Source: TMZ

05.7.2013 / 06:20 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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