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Glee Finale Spoilers: Beloved Couple to “Wrap Things Up” — For Good?

We’re not going to lie: It took us a bit longer than usual to write up this particular Glee spoiler for the Season 4 finale — mainly because we were over in the corner for a while sobbing uncontrollably.

The reason: Glee’s Naya Rivera has basically just confirmed that Santana and Brittany (Heather Morris) will be ending their relationship for good!

Credit: Naya Rivera on Twitter    

“There are some really emotional scenes in there. Like, really emotional,” Naya recently told E! Online. “Santana is figuring out what happens with Brittany's character, and I come back and obviously get to talk to her, and sort of wrap things up, and it's kind of sad. It feels like a graduation episode in a way even though nobody graduates.”

We’re particularly concerned with her use of the phrase “wrap things up.” Even though Brittany and Santana have been broken up for most of Season 4, we’ve been holding out hope that the two would eventually find their way back together in the end. Sadly, it just doesn’t sound like this is going to happen.

Actress Heather Morris is reportedly pregnant, and rumors have been flying lately that Brittany might be written off the show for good. Naya did not confirm the departure. Instead, she says she doesn’t know what the future will hold for Brittany. That said, she confirms that Brit will be going to MIT for college... while Santana’s staying in NYC.

What do you think: Is this confirmation that Brittany and Santana are over for good — or are you still holding out hope that they might get back together eventually?

Source: E! Online