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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Burning Question: Did Wendy Start the Initiative to Destroy Magic?

In Season 2, Episode 21: “Second Star to the Right,” we learned that Greg and Tamara take their orders from something called “The Home Office.” This mysterious entity is bent on eliminating magic from our world, but we don’t know much else about it. Could “The Home Office” have been started by Wendy Darling?

“You said magic was bad...”

We imagine Wendy’s childhood experiences with Neverland and the The Shadow would have been quite formative. In the span of a few weeks, she goes from dreaming of magic to fearing for the safety of her family because of it. When Wendy returns from her trip to Neverland, she speaks of the terrible things she saw there: of the children trapped there by The Shadow. She is horrified by the price of magic, telling Bae, “You said magic was bad and you were right, Bae. It’s going to destroy my family.” Earlier in the episode, Tamara tells Regina, “Magic does not belong in this world. It’s unholy. We’re here to cleanse this world of it.” We can see how The Home Office’s philosophy could have evolved from Wendy’s.

Bae’s Plea and Sacrifice

If Wendy’s trip to Neverland wasn’t enough to turn her against magic, Bae’s sacrifice may have done the trick. At the end of the episode, we see Bae sacrifice himself for the Darling family by agreeing to go with The Shadow to Neverland in the place of one of the Darling boys. Though it is totally the creepy shadow’s fault, we could see Wendy blaming herself for Bae’s departure. She was the one who welcomed The Shadow into the Darling home, against Bae’s warnings. Could that guilt have manifested itself into a crusade against all magic?

Already Established/Same World

We learn from Greg that The Home Office found him when he was just a boy, babbling about the magic and Storybrooke. This means that The Home Office has at least been around since the 1980s. This isn’t proof that the agency has been around since Edwardian England, but if we assume that they were already well-organized when they found Greg, it means they have been around for a while. The name “The Home Office” is also thoroughly British-sounding. The British government actually has a ministry called the Home Office, which is responsible for immigration, security, and law and order. We think magical enforcement would probably fall under their purview...

Do you think Wendy played some part in the formation of The Home Office? Let us know in the comments below!

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