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Pink Tells Fans: “Kiss My Ass”

A word to the wise: if Pink tells you she’s sick, you better believe she’s not faking it.

The “Just Give Me a Reason” singer is known for her tough-as-nails personality, both on-stage and off, but her latest outburst has crossed the line from delightfully rebellious to downright rude.

The star is fighting back against claims she faked sick to get out of playing a show in Birmingham, England, and she’s got some harsh words for her detractors.

In an open letter posted on her website, Pink responded to her critics, saying, “I am a human being, therefore I am able to catch illness. It is beyond my control -- and I can't apologize for that."

“And you know what I've been performing through the last week? ROTA virus. Look it up. I challenge any one of you to do what I do while sick with that. You couldn't do it."

Rotavirus, a malady that affects mostly young children, is best known for its unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms, which would make the singer’s trademark aerial contortions and high energy dance moves a nightmare to perform.

“I have a two year old who is building her immune system by getting sick all over the place. And the fact that I even went on tour while being a full time mom is a miracle in itself,” she wrote. "The next time I schedule dates — I’ll have to say to myself — ‘If, God forbid I have to cancel one show, those fans will turn on me like rabid dogs and question the moral fabric of my character.’”

While Pink apologized to her “loyal and understanding fans,” telling them, “I am so so sorry if I've hurt you in any way,” she had one request left for everyone who doubted her.

“For the rest of you — kindly kiss my entire almost back to healthy ass."

Source: TMZ

05.7.2013 / 05:49 PM EDT by Sarah Crow
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