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Pixar’s Finding Dory: Which Glee Star Is Gunning for a Role?

We can’t imagine wanting Glee’s Chris Colfer to take a film or TV role in which we couldn’t see his beautiful face. But Chris is currently vying for a part that would be awesome enough for us to make an exception: A voice in the upcoming Finding Nemo sequel.

Chris appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s show last week and told Ellen
who voices forgetful Dory in Finding Nemo and its sequel, Finding Dory, due out in 2015 that he’d like to be in the film, too.

When Ellen asks what he hopes to do in the future, Chris says, “I’m really glad that you asked because I’m actually secretly campaigning to be on
Finding Dory.”

Does Chris know who he’d play in the movie?

“In the first one, when Dory wakes up from a nap, she says, ‘Oh, that sea monkey owes me money,’” Chris explains. “I’d really like to be the sea monkey that owes her money.”

Too funny! We actually think Chris would make a pretty great sea monkey. Ellen then asks him to talk the talk and demonstrate what the character’s voice would sound like.

“Just, y’know, ‘Here’s your money,’” Chris says in his regular voice.

Chris is so passionate about getting the part that he’s going to unusual measures to make that happen. “And they don’t have to pay me,” he tells her.

Then, he realizes what he just said. “My agents are gonna kill me for saying that,” Chris jokes about not asking for compensation.

To which Ellen responds, “Now we have it on tape, you’re not getting paid.”

So will this actually happen? Chris is a ridiculously busy guy as it is, between writing books and screenplays — not to mention that a part in Finding Dory is probably quite coveted. Still, we love his voice and think he’d be great in an animated film.

Don’t let us down, Ellen!

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05.7.2013 / 01:58 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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