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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Wacky Quotes From or About Lydia McLaughlin’s Mother on Real Housewives

Lydia McLaughlin had a very unique upbringing — and not just because the Real Housewives of Orange County star is filthy rich. In Season 8, Episode 6, we meet her mother, who is quite a trip. A former (or current?) hippie who spent Lydia’s formative years smoking pot, Lydia’s mother has recently given up the drugs. Even so, she’s got quite the interesting take on life. Check out some quotes from and about Lydia’s marijuana-loving mama.

Lydia, about her mother: “When you guys meet, she’ll like sprinkle you with fairy dust.”

Lydia, about her mother: “You can’t really have a bad conversation with someone when they’re sparkly with fairy dust.”

Lydia, about her mother: “She’s a very centered woman.”

Lydia’s mother: “Shimmer of hope. Shine of belief. Touch of humor.”

Lydia’s mother: “I’m a flower fairy.”

Lydia, about her mother: “She’s beyond eccentric.”

Lydia, about her mother: “She was a hippie and dropped acid.”

Lydia, about her mother: “She smoked pot my whole life.”

Lydia’s mother: “I thought I was a tree growing up.”

Lydia’s mother: “You cannot put the purse on the ground. All the good chi comes out of the purse.”

Lydia, about her mother: “My mom has quit smoking pot for the last three months.”

Lydia, about her mother: “Before you were so flighty and in the land of the bunnies, I just didn’t know what I was going to get.”

Lydia’s mother: “It’s not artificial. God created marijuana, man.”

Lydia’s mother: “I think I’m more normal when I’m loaded, actually.”