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The Bachelor

What Did AshLee Frazier Call Boyfriend Brad Womack?!

Ugh, YOU GUYS! You know how you constantly look at photos of Bachelor nation couples and you’re like "Pssh my cat Buster and I have what they have”? Yeah, well, maybe that’s just us. But one couple totally has us beat, and they’re only getting cuter: AshLee Frazier and Brad Womack.

Since we first spotted the Season 15 (and 11) Bachelor with Season 17 cast-off AshLee, we’ve only fallen more and more in love. And we’re not the only ones. “With my sweetness,” AshLee tagged the cutie photo of herself with a very-denimed Brad. Although it hurts us to admit, his Canadian/Texan tuxedo was only appropriate, given what they were doing in the photo. “Dancing the night away to Jason Aldean and@deejaysilver1,” Ash explained of the evening (and the outfits of the gentlemen behind them).

The two have been spilling photos of themselves all up in the Internet’s face, causing countless minds to explode, and this confirms talk that they’re more than just occasional pals. “#wgt #happytower #texaskids #austin #completelyhappy,” Capital L hashtagged the photo.

Now all we need to do is confirm that “WGT” stands for “We Got This,” and we can rest easy (or, you know, go track down and purchase AshLee’s skirt...)

Source: Instagram