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Teen Mom

What Is Gary Head Doing This Summer?

Jenelle Evans's ex-fiancé, Gary Head, was kicked out of the U.S. Marines after pleading guilty to assault (dude allegedly strangled Jenelley with a bed sheet — not cool), so it looks like he'll have to find a new way to make money!

Last time we checked, Gary was working at The O House in Jacksonville, but boyfriend has found himself a brand new summer job.

"Ill be working in the tobacco fields this summer," Gary tweeted to a curious fan on May 6. "No job as of now though."

Keep in mind that Gary just got released from jail after being booked for two DUIs (sigh, kids these days), so it's no surprise that he's having a hard time hunting down work. But hopefully someone will hire this former jailbird, because his heart definitely seems to be in the right place! In fact, Gary recently told a fan that he wishes he had unlimited money so he could “help others with their problems."

Aww, what a guy! At least we can all take comfort knowing that our chewing tobacco is handpicked by a model citizen like Gary, right guys? Also, we use the term "model citizen" loosely.

What do you think of Gary’s summer job? Tell us below!

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05.7.2013 / 09:20 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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