Zendaya Scores Perfect 30 on Dancing With the Stars — 7 Reasons Why She’s Flawless
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Dancing With The Stars

Zendaya Scores Perfect 30 on Dancing With the Stars — 7 Reasons Why She’s Flawless

It's no surprise that Disney starlet Zendaya earned the first perfect score of Dancing With the Stars 2013. She's been at top of the Season 16 Leaderboard since Week 1, and we've loved seeing her grow throughout the competition. In fact, let's just face it: Zendaya is flawless. She serves Baby Beyonce realness on a weekly basis, and we can't wait to see what she brings to the ballroom for the semifinals (and ultimately, the finals because we all know she's going to make it to the finals).

Her pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy already knows she's perfect — remember when he called her his "everything"? Swoon! — but here are seven reasons why Zendaya is Season 16's most flawless contestant.

1. When Len gives her attitude, she throws him shade and calls it a night.

 photo tumblr_mmdvm3EUIT1rjkjolo1_400_zpsaa54a993.gif

2. She's (Sasha) fierce!

 photo tumblr_mles4cVmKL1royh91o1_500_zps83446c81.gif

3. Have you seen her dance?!

 photo tumblr_mm3i5bTJFL1rh6xiro1_400_zpsc1b2ecbb.gif

4. Valdaya is kind of the best thing to ever happen to DWTS.

 photo tumblr_mme5gh7sr91qzfayeo1_500_zpscaeb0aa7.gif

5. No makeup? No problem. Still flawless.

 photo tumblr_mmd1xhp8TS1rdedomo1_250_zps93980add.gif

6. She knows the importance of a good selfie.

 photo tumblr_mma5toHuom1spaou4o3_500_zpse5d8b6ce.gif

7. She loves her fans! #Zswaggers4Life

 photo tumblr_mm8bjkGBXN1spw8g9o1_500_zps8b0db307.gif

So who's flawless?

 photo tumblr_mkqttbVbpA1rju6jko1_250_zpsbefacc91.gif

Are you voting for Zendaya? Sound off in the comments and tell us why you support Team Valdaya!