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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole Prepares for Her Romantic Getaway by Doing WHAT? (PHOTO)

Deena Nicole has been preparing for her first romantic getaway with her boyfriend, Chris Buckner, for a long time, working hard at the gym to slim down and get her ideal beach body into shape. But that’s not the only thing she’s doing to get ready for the big trip!

Our favorite blast in a glass recently Instagrammed a silly pic of herself wearing a sweatshirt and big pink snorkel goggles. “Packing for vacation,” she wrote as a caption. She also Instagrammed a similar pic of Chris making a silly face, wearing his matching blue goggles. So cute!

It looks like, in addition to tons of tanning and cuddling with her boyfriend, Deena will be trying out snorkeling on the big vacay. We hope it goes well for her, as her last “deep sea” expedition on Jersey Shore had a bit of a scary (albeit hilarious) turn. If you recall, when the gang went on a fishing trip, Deena and Snooki went out on an inflatable raft, which ended up tearing and causing the girls to sink. The roomies told her to watch out for a rock, which Deena mistakenly heard as “shark,” and prompting a flipout. Good times...

We have a feeling things will go much more smoothly for Deena and Chris in Aruba!

Source: Instagram