Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: How Will Caleb Leave Rosewood? Marlene Teases “Beautiful Moment” For Haleb
Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: How Will Caleb Leave Rosewood? Marlene Teases “Beautiful Moment” For Haleb

Get your tissues ready, Pretty Little Liars fans. We knew Caleb is going to leave Rosewood for the mysteries of Ravenswood this season, but creator Marlene King recently dished out some departure details and let’s just say Haleb fans are going to need a moment.

"Hanna and Caleb are such a great couple and we've designed this beautiful Casablanca moment for them," Marlene recently told ET Online. "Hanna really gives Caleb permission to leave Rosewood and, basically, go to this other show. I hope our fans embrace it as much as we've embraced it as writers. That's important to us."

As excited as we are to witness this “beautiful” Haleb moment, we’re not ready to say goodbye to Caleb yet. Now, we know what you’re thinking: why was Caleb chosen to go to Ravenswood in the first place?

"Caleb has an ambiguous past,” she told ET. “He doesn't know as much about where he comes from compared to the other [characters] and we're going to use that as we unfold the Ravenswood story."

OK, so we guess this makes total sense. After all, we don’t know a lot about Caleb’s past. In fact, maybe this is why Caleb and Toby start to hang out more in Season 4. After all, both of them will be investigating their pasts this season.

“There is something going on that's a part of Toby's history that Spencer's helping him on that I think is really, really beautiful material,” Troian Bellisario recently told Wetpaint. “...So you get to find out more about who Toby was before he met Spencer and she does too.”

Sounds interesting. At least Haleb and Spoby fans will have some “beautiful” moments to look forward to in Season 4. Let’s just hope Toby stays in Rosewood.

Are you looking forward to more Haleb scenes in Season 4? Will you watch Ravenswood? Sound off in the comments!

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.