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Revenge Season 2 Finale: Declan Porter Will Probably Die! Here’s Why…

Alright, Revengers, we have the theory to end all theories and it all centers around one Declan “Jewelry Mule” Porter and his impending death. That’s right, DEATH. We know that one of the nine original character is dunzo come the Season 2 finale, and Declan is our no. 1 suspect.

Here’s why:

1) In the spoiler photos from the two-part finale, there is clearly a big, horrifying event that happens during Conrad’s political speech. Next we see images from the aftermath. The only people missing from these photos are Nolan Ross, Jack Porter, and Declan Porter. First off, they’d have to be totally stupid to kill off Nolan, secondly Jack is supposedly Emily’s one true love so his death would give her nothing to live for, and finally there’s Declan. His death would explain Charlotte’s screaming, tearful panic on the scene during the promo, and would lead Jack to a drastic measure. Which brings us to...

2) Someone’s holding Victoria Grayson at gunpoint. After the heated exchange between Jack and Emily in the promo, we think that Jack has his gun pointed at Vicki, who he might blame for the death of his brother. The only way Emily will be able to stop him from pulling the trigger is to tell him her true identity. A bold move in front of her nemesis, but an exciting ending to a lackluster season.

3) We recently read a spoiler that the death will cause “a certain love interest who will be left behind...[to be] devastated.” And, “The death also will set up a new (previously unscathed) character for his or her quest for vengeance.” Both of these clues could apply to Charlotte Grayson, Declan’s lady love and his new baby mama. The youngest Grayson/Clarke told Daniel about her pregnancy in last week’s episode. If Declan is, in fact, the father, his death could be made even more tragic considering he’s the parent of an unborn child.

Plus, it’s not like Declan’s storyline really drives any particular plots in the Hamptons.

Do you agree with our theories? Will Declan be the one to die? Tell us below!

05.8.2013 / 11:50 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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