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Revenge Season 2 Finale Theory: Is Satoshi Takeda Related to The Falcon?

As per usual, there’s something fishy going on in the Hamptons and it has nothing to do with Declan Porter’s lobsters. In Revenge Season 2, Episode 20, “Engagement,” Emily Thorne’s Japanese sensei, Satoshi Takeda, lost his life, but not before leaving behind some cryptic clues about The Initiative and their latest attack.

“Takeda, tell me what you know. Let me help you. Let Aiden help,” Emily begged him.

“No, this path is mine alone,” he replied.

Unfortunately, Takeda’s path ended soon after when he strolled into his home to find a waiting Aiden Mathis.

“You let us both go and I promise she’ll never learn about your true objective,” Aiden threatened. “Try to stop me and she learns the truth tonight.”

Umm, what true objective, Aiden? Breeding prize-winning Japanese puppies?

Moments later Aiden put a samurai sword in Takeda’s stomach, but in a new sneak peek for this week’s upcoming finale, Emily and Nolan find the sensei’s lifeless body lying next to some clues.

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Inside Takeda’s version of an Infinity Box, Emily finds a picture of a pretty Asian woman and a surveillance photo of a man with his face circled.

Could this woman be his wife, lost love, or perhaps the mother of his child? And why would a potential Takeda offspring matter unless they are already a part of the storyline? This leads us to The Falcon (aka hacker Edith Lee).

Takeda’s constant hints that he knew more about The Initiative’s plan could have stemmed from his connection to The Falcon. Plus, a mysterious sensei with a thirst for revenge produces the world’s most talented hacker? Not too surprising.

We know little of Takeda’s origins, but he always seemed to want to take The Initiative down. Could this have been to get to his daughter?

Do you think they’re related? Tell us what you think below!

05.8.2013 / 08:58 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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