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Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber Will “Love” My “Sweet” Song About Our Breakup

It's not even clear if Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are really done dating, but Selena is on the new cover of InStyle, talking about their breakup and her upcoming song about it.

The track, off her upcoming album, is called “Love Will Remember.” Selena told InStyle (via Gossip Cop), “That’s the most personal track on the record, for sure. I think it’s a sweet way of releasing it. It’s not an aggressive approach to what people are probably expecting.”

What will Justin think? “I’m sure he’ll love it too,” she said. She should just ask him, since they reportedly talk on the phone constantly.

She went into detail about the split, saying, “It’s uncomfortable that everywhere I go, people know. I don’t like that. But Justin and I never really focused on the attention. You can’t help who you date. So I wouldn’t swear off that or say that’s what I want again.” She added, ”I don’t know. I’m a kid, and a breakup is normal. I have to go through the emotions and feel it out. I’m doing my own thing, being with my friends, and he’s doing very well too.”

Magazine interviews are usually done pretty well in advance, so these words may have been spoken before she flew to Scandinavia to visit JB on tour. Whatever! Breakup songs are good for business — Selena can just ask her buddy Taylor Swift all about that.

Source: Gossip Cop