The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Teams Blake Shelton and Shakira Take on the Live Shows! (5/7/2013)
Credit: Trae Patton/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    
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The Voice

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Teams Blake Shelton and Shakira Take on the Live Shows! (5/7/2013)

Now that we’ve made it through the preliminary night of live shows, The Voice 2013 is at it again as the eight remaining contestants on Team Blake Shelton and Team Shakira hit the stage for their chance to wow America.

Tonight’s performances will fill a two-hour span of time, in a special playoff week extended episode. Then Wednesday, May 8 we will see the first live results show. Next week The Voice will go back to its regular schedule of two hours on Monday nights and one hour on Tuesday nights.

Let’s get started:

Team Blake

The country crooner’s team prepped for their group live show performance by singing lots of horrible karaoke. Fortunately, they’re actually talented and it showed when they sang Little Big Town’s “Boondocks.”

Yes, we know you feel no shame and you’re proud of where you came from. We get it, Blake, you have a country team.

Garrett Gardner

Looking to be offered confirmation for a fourth time that he belongs on stage, Garrett Gardner started off the night singing John Lennon’s “Imagine.” The growling Team Shakira artist took a seat at the piano to show America what he was made of.

His surprising alterations to the melody made Garrett stand out in ways he hasn’t on this competition yet.

Beatles fanatic Adam Levine admitted that it was a tough song for Garrett to do considering it’s such a classic, but repeated time and time again how “proud” he was of him.

Usher tried to offer Garrett some endearing advice, but it fell flat when he mentioned how happy he was to see the singer at a “computer.” Umm, what? He quickly fixed the mistake saying “piano,” but it reminded us of the time he tried to convince Danielle Bradbery that Nashville was a state. Oh, Ush. You might just be a pretty face.

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Teams Blake Shelton and Shakira Take on the Live Shows! (5/7/2013)
Credit: Trae Patton/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Holly Tucker

Struggling to overcome her confidence issues, Holly confided in everyone’s favorite therapist, Blake Shelton. The “Honey Bee” singer encouraged his contestant to loosen up and accept the fact that she deserves a spot in the competition.

Singing LeAnn Rimes’s emotional ballad “How Do I Live,” Holly proved that she really does belong on The Voice stage. Her big voice was perfectly showcased throughout the song with plenty of opportunities to shine time and time again. It even earned her a standing ovation from Blake ... but that might have been a result of his “special latte.”

Usher shocked us all saying that was “one of his favorite songs." Umm, what? And Shakira called the performance “so beautiful,” complimenting Holly’s “reliable” pitch.

Adam offered Holly a confidence boost saying she was “more beautiful and talented” than Blake Shelton ... is that a compliment?

Blake continued to cheer on his artist saying that she is the one to beat in the competition. Yeah, we’ve heard that one before.

Kris Thomas

Singing the one millionth Bruno Mars song of Season 4, falsetto-happy artist Kris Thomas was looking to show off that men sounding like women could be sexy.

It seemed to be fairly successful considering Shakira couldn’t stop beaming the entire performance of "When I Was Your Man," offering him air kisses at the end. While we agree that Kris has his own sound, he might not match up to the other talent this season.

Adam noted the singer’s nerves saying he’d like to see him unwind a bit on stage. Blake disagreed, saying he liked Kris’s nervous adrenaline that comes from a different place than ... “the girl place.” What is this mysterious land he speaks of?

Shak let her singer know once again that she “adores” him, saying he made her feel “so special.” He even seemed to have her tongue tied as she struggled to find the words to praise her artist.

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Teams Blake Shelton and Shakira Take on the Live Shows! (5/7/2013)
Credit: Trae Patton/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

The Swon Brothers

Apart from The Thompson Sisters in Season 1, no duo has made it this far in the competition to date. So who would have thought that the goofy Oklahoma brothers would be the ones to break this record? Blake gave The Swon Brothers “Fishin’ in the Dark” by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band ... yeah, that sounds about right.

The boys certainly put on an entertaining show that made us want to reach for a glass of moonshine to complement our barbeque and corn on the cob.

Though Usher admitted he wasn't as familiar with the song, Colton was convinced that the coach “goes fishin’." You sure about that?

Adam called the performance “so Blake,” which we’re not quite sure is a good thing coming from him, but he seemed to enjoy it overall.

Blake was a proud papa, saying the harmonies were tight and noting that the song choice would speak to hundreds of all-American fans across the country. We do have to give him props for an original tune (for once).

Blake Shelton and Shakira

In one of the strangest pairings we’ve seen on The Voice stage, Colombian superstar Shakira sang a duet with country crooner Blake Shelton. They picked Lady Antebellum’s romantic ballad “Need You Now.”

We love them both, but their voices don’t belong anywhere near one another. The painful performance had us searching for Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton’s superior duet, “Just a Fool.” #memories.

Karina Iglesias

This rocker was concerned about getting too predictable and therefore decided to slow down this week. Shakira picked Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” which prompted Karina to dedicate the tune to her coach saying she wanted to “stay with her.”

The performance was definitely a step in the right direction, but, once again, it failed to help her truly stand out.

Adam tried to change the rules of the competition saying he didn’t let Shakira “steal” Karina, but rather he foolishly “let her go.”

And Shakira was happy she snatched Karina up, saying she showed us “everything she has to offer.” We disagree.

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Teams Blake Shelton and Shakira Take on the Live Shows! (5/7/2013)
Credit: Trae Patton/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Justin Rivers

The next country artist from Team Blake was looking to use his career on The Voice to be able to support his family one day ... because that’s happened to so many artists on this show in the past. Justin Rivers wowed us singing Diamond Rio’s “Meet in the Middle,” despite the fact that his Alabama accent occasionally caused him to “chew” on his words in rehearsal.

The handsome singer managed to get the crowd on their feet, complete with a synchronized clap.

Usher quickly asked Justin if he’d ever been to a hip hop concert. Confused, Justin replied that he had. Ush explained, saying that he felt like some audience members do when they first go to a hip hop concert and don’t quite fit in.

Adam called Justin one of the first country artists that could be a threat to Blake’s career. Blake agreed, calling him the “dark horse” in the competition. For once, Blakey might be right.

Team Shakira

Working to create on-stage chemistry between her artists, Shakira brought her choreographer to train her contestants in the language of the bod-ay. The hard work paid off in an overall enjoyable performance, minus Garrett Gardner’s stiff, awkward headbanging. We’re still a bit confused about Sasha Allen’s lack of solo considering she is the clear frontrunner on that team, but maybe she’s saving her voice for her upcoming individual performance.

Danielle Bradbery

We’d love Danielle Bradbery’s big voice a lot more if she didn’t keep claiming that she’s only ever had big performances on The Voice (we’ve seen your YouTube vids, girlfriend). Lies aside, we love this teen’s powerful sound and ability to connect with a wide variety of country tunes.

Singing country classic “Maybe It Was Memphis,” Dani showed off a sound we can describe as big and bold. This tiny blond Justin Bieber fan certainly doesn’t look like she would have such a strong voice and stage presence.

Usher was quick to note her new boots and “cool pants” and noted how comfortable Danielle seemed on the stage (that’s because she’s been there many times before!).

Shakira quoted Blake saying, “Holy crap!” Adam called Danielle “one of the ones to beat” despite not wanting to give Blake credit for the talented singer.

Dani’s coach was excited that she brought one of his favorite songs to a new generation, calling her “one of the most important artists who’s ever been on The Voice.” Seems a bit drastic, Blake, go back to your “special latte.”

The Voice 2013 Live Recap: Teams Blake Shelton and Shakira Take on the Live Shows! (5/7/2013)
Credit: Trae Patton/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Sasha Allen

Ready to keep wowing America, mother of two, Sasha Allen, picked The Beatles’ hit “Oh! Darling.” Honestly, this girl could impress us singing the alphabet (which she might do for her two tots), but throw in an iconic song and she has our vote.

As Shakira swayed in an apparent trance, Sasha kept the audience glued to her every note, picking the perfect moments to show off her impressive belts and growls. In the end, Shakira was bowing down to the singer.

Blake told Sasha that “everyone who just saw that fell in love with her,” as if they didn’t already. Shakira told Sasha that she has one of the best voices she’s heard in her entire life saying that tonight’s performance was one of the moments they hope for on the show. We couldn’t agree more.

What did you think of tonight’s performances? Weigh in below!

05.8.2013 / 07:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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