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There’s a New Alternative to Botox, and It’s Called Frotox

Cosmetic surgeons have chills about a new procedure that might just freeze out Botox.

The newest cutting edge technology to come down the pike is being billed as a gentler, more natural, version of Botox. The cutely nicknamed “Frotox” (which immediately made us think of taking a frozen yogurt break, yum) apparently doesn’t contain the same purified botulinum toxin as the traditional face freezer.

Frotox — which is actually called Iovera — is a procedure in which liquid nitrogen is injected into the nerves that control wrinkle-causing muscles. The procedure, which was developed by scientists in (where else?) California, but is currently only available in the UK, consists of two cold “shocks” to the face. These shocks compel facial nerves to go into "hibernation" for up to four months, causing the muscles to relax and wrinkles to disappear faster than a snowman on a sunny day.

Unlike Botox, the effects of Frotox can be seen instantly. It also offers a huge bonus for actors and actresses everywhere, since Frotox can target very specific facial muscles, you can actually make facial expressions afterwards. Finally, since nitrogen naturally occurs in humans, your body doesn’t have to treat it like a foreign substance invader, lessening side effects.

Three cheers for science! What will they think of next?

Source: Daily Mail

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05.8.2013 / 04:31 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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