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What Breaking Bad Star Says His Mom Is “Pretty, Fun, and Single”?

We all have different relationships with our mothers. For some of us, she's our best friend. Some of us have strained relationships with them. Some of us... pimp out our moms on Twitter.

Okay, that was an exaggeration. But this Breaking Bad star has no problem telling the world that his mom is gorgeous and single. Who knows? Maybe a date is exactly what she wants for Mother's Day.

Give up? Click here to see whose mom is "pretty, fun, and single"! (Or click "Next Page.")

It's R.J. Mitte, aka Walt Jr.!

R.J. is such an interesting character — as Walter Jr. and IRL! First he breaks his breakfast-loving barriers to do a gothed-out, shirtless photoshoot, and now he's getting his mom a date on Twitter. How... sweet?

RJ Mitte: Mom and I at breakfast!!!!!
Credit: RJ Mitte on Twitter
RJ Mitte: "Mom and I at breakfast!!!!!"

Fans, of course, responded in kind. First, the burning question on everybody's mind...

Then... well, the next question. Does she know about your Twitter posts?

And logistics: R.J.! How can we get in touch with your mom?

(Apparently not on OK Cupid...)

And then, of course: awwwwww.

Happy Mother's Day to R.J. and the rest of the world! Call your mom. Just maybe... not like that.

05.8.2013 / 10:43 PM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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