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Baby Wrapped in Ice For 3 Days in Life-Saving Treatment

Three cheers for science! Lily Cracknell, a newborn from the UK, recently had her life saved because doctors wrapped her body in a special cooling bag and brought her body temperature from 98 degrees F down to 95.9 degrees F. They essentially wrapped her body in ice for three days.

According to The Sun, Lily’s mom, Rebecca Hasler, was 36 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with preeclampsia. She was taken to the hospital and as is almost always the case with a preeclampsia diagnosis labor was induced immediately. Lily weighed 5 pounds, 13 ounces at birth, but she struggled to breathe for the first 30 minutes of her life.

Doctors, concerned about the baby’s brain swelling due to lack of oxygen, acted quickly to bring Lily’s temperature down. This treatment, known as induced hypothermia, cools the body so it slows to a normal rate of metabolism, giving it time to recover. They wrapped her in the special cooling bag, and Lily started to recover after three days. Her body was then warmed back up to regular body temperature.

"Doctors said it was a miracle she pulled through,” said a grateful Rebecca. “She looked so small and helpless lying there in her cool bag. But we knew it was her only chance of survival."

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. Lily has made a strong recovery despite being small for her age. "She may be tiny but she’s a fighter,” said Lily’s mom. “When we tell people that Lily was put in a cool bag, they can’t believe it. Lily had a difficult start to life, but she is really making up for it now. She’s boisterous and full of mischief. We're so grateful to the doctors for saving her."

We’re happy to hear little Lily is doing well and already becoming a merry mischief maker!

Source: The Sun

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05.9.2013 / 09:27 PM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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