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The Bachelor

Check Out Molly Mesnick’s Amazing Post-Pregnancy Body! (PHOTO)

The Bachelor's Molly Mesnick popped out her very first baby on March 14, 2013, and like any normal human she packed on a few extra pregnancy pounds. Oh wait, nevermind. That is completely inaccurate.

While it takes most new moms months (if not years) to shed the excess 35-50 pounds that come with a healthy pregnancy, Molly is back in tip-top shape just 8 weeks after delivering her adorable daughter, Riley Anne.

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Girlfriend basically looks better than we've ever looked in our lives, and she literally just pushed a watermelon-sized human out of her lady parts.

"This is what day 4 of #30daysoffitness looks like post-workout....wiped!" Molly posted to Twitter on May 9 along with a picture of herself passed out on the gym floor.

Um, no words. Molly looks beyond amazing, and as far as we're concerned she's clearly part of some crazy super-human species visiting earth in order to make cute babies. All other theories can step to the left.

Also, care to post your workout routine, Molly? We're dying to know your secrets!

Source: Twitter