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Glee Spoiler Roundup: Season 4 Finale — Episode 22 “All or Nothing”

The very last episode of Glee Season 4 is fast approaching. Luckily, we already know this show won’t be going away anytime soon. Fox just renewed it for not only Season 5, but Season 6, as well.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s focus on the very last episode of this season:
Glee’s Season 4 finale — Episode 22: "All Or Nothing," which airs on May 9. We’ve been hard at work tracking down all the spoilers we can find. Here’s what we’ve been able to uncover.

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The Basics

- Synopsis of Glee’s Season 4 Finale: “All or Nothing” — With Jessica Sanchez!
Fox’s official summary of what to expect.

- Glee Promo: 4x22 Season Finale — In-Depth Analysis of "All or Nothing”

We're breaking down the promo and analyzing every last second in search of clues.

- Glee Season 4: Is Anyone Graduating? — Season 5 Changes Ahead!
Just because last year’s finale ended with graduation, that doesn’t mean this year will. It’s looking like Season 4 might stop in the middle of the school year and pick up with the seniors still in high school.

- Glee Spoiler: Someone In This Picture Won't Return For Season 5!
Sorry, be right back. We have to go sit in a corner and bawl our eyes out.


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- Glee Season 4’s Getting a Huge Cliffhanger — and Rachel’s Involved!
Though creator Ryan Murphy says he likes alternating between both McKinley and New York City, he “
would like a big chunk [of next season] to follow one particular story that we're getting ready to launch at the end of this year." This story would involve Rachel as well as several other characters. "It's going to be a big cliffhanger."

- Does Glee’s Rachel Get the Part on Broadway?
Based on Ryan’s earlier tease, it certainly sounds like this might be the case.

- Rachel's Last Scene of Glee Season 4: Is It a Cliffhanger?
Then again, we might not learn the answer for sure until next season.

- Glee Spoilers: “Many Cliffhangers” in the Season 4 Finale!
Rachel’s future on Broadway isn’t the only cliffhanger. There will be plenty of them this year.

- Glee Spoiler: When Do We Learn Who's Catfishing Ryder?

The topic will be addressed in the Season 4 finale, but it sounds like this might be part of a cliffhanger, as well.

- Glee Spoiler: Is Ryder’s Catfish, “Katie,” a Boy or Girl? — UPDATE
Interesting twist of events, don't you think?

- Ryder's Catfish: You’ll "Definitely Be Surprised" — and He’ll Get Mad!


- Glee Finale Cliffhangers: What We’ll Find Out — and What We Won’t!

A couple of clues to help tide you over.

Where’s Finn?

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- Cory Monteith Rehab: Missing Glee's Season 4 Finale?
Sadly, actor Cory Monteith won’t be a part of this episode.

- Cory Monteith Rehab: Glee Has to Rewrite the Season 4 Finale Scripts
Glee had planned to have Finn be a part of the New Directions’ Regionals storyline. However, because of Cory’s rehab stay, Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) will be running point, instead.

Kurt and Blaine Proposal

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Brittany and Santana

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- Glee Music Speculation: The Snooki & JWOWW Theme Song at Regionals?!
Sigh. Uh, okay...

- First Photo of Jessica Sanchez on Glee — Cuddled Up to Darren Criss!
Too cute.

- Glee’s Santana Goes Blonde — Sorta! (PHOTO)

She’s back to cheer the New Directions on at Regionals, but what do you think of her bold new look?


Glee Music Spoilers! First Listen: Season Finale, 4x22 “All or Nothing” — Leaked

- Celine Dion’s “To Love You More,” performed by Rachel

- Icona Pop’s “I Love It,” performed by the New Directions

- The Script feat.’s “Hall of Fame,” performed by the New Directions

- Original song “All or Nothing,” performed by Marley and Blaine

- Little Mix’s “Wings,” performed by Frida (Jessica Sanchez) and the Hooiserdaddies

- Zedd feat. Foxes’ “Clarity,” performed by Frida and the Hooiserdaddies



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