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How Not to Fall Into the “Pet Trap” With Your Kids

So your kid wants a puppy or kitty... now what? They will promise you up and down that they will be the ones to feed and walk Fido, they will deal with Fluffy's stinky litter pan, and they'll even sweep up all that fur collecting in every corner of your house. Yeah, right!

You know you'll be the one doing everything, so you’ll have to decide: Are you ready for another “child”? If the answer is yes, may we introduce you to Your new furry friend may be waiting for you right now! But if your family isn’t ready for that responsibility, here are three tactics to avoid the "pet trap" altogether.

3. Claim Allergies
But blame it on Dad, so they don't resent you. Ask your kid, "You wouldn't want Daddy to have to move out, would you?" Watch out, though: This one could definitely backfire.

2. Skip Homeward Bound and Other Animal Flicks
There's nothing like a feel-good, awww-he's-so-cute animal movie to get your kids begging for a huge, slobbering fur monster. In other words, keep Beethoven, Homeward Bound, Marley & Me, and Air Bud off that Netflix queue.

1. Talk Up the Poop
Last but not least: poop. Make sure your child understands that these creatures like to poop. A lot. And they will be the ones picking up after them!

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05.9.2013 / 02:25 AM EDT by Maria Valiente
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