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Nashville Promo for Episode 20 “A Picture From Life’s Other Side”

Oh Em Gee, you guys. We're gonna be honest: we're not mad that Dante (Jay Hernandez) turned out to be a blackmailing grifter D-Bag. And we're not surprised. What we are surprised about is that when he calls Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) to blackmail her for 10 million dollars for their supposed sex tape, he CALLS HER ON A FLIP PHONE. We know he left town with half a million dollars, but where is he now, 1997?

Oh yeah, but Dante is by far the least deeby character making waves in Episode 20 "A Picture From Life's Other Side." Yep, that's right folks, Teddy (Eric Close) is petrified that Deacon (Charles Esten) will find out about his shameful foot secret his possible paternity, and so he orders Rayna (Connie Britton) to keep her kids away from him, attempting to equate her new boy toy to his bizness with Peggy. Nah hell nah brah.

But wait. Also? Gunnar (Sam Palladio) continues to go down the spiral toward sucking (Avery's waiting at the bottom with open arms and a piano ballad) and apparently gets in a fist fight. What happens? What you'd expect... Check out the promo and then answer the question at the end of it with your best theories (here are ours).