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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Finale Sneak Peek: Rumple Discovers the Price of Magic (VIDEO)

Rumplestiltskin has always exclaimed, “Magic always comes with a price!” on Once Upon a Time, but it isn’t until this Sunday’s Season 2 finale that he finally experienced it firsthand.

In a new sneak peek from the epic ender (Episode 22: “And Straight on ‘Til Morning”), The Charmings deliver the tragic news of Neal/Baelfire’s death to Mr. Gold, and it is the most vulnerable we’ve ever seen the Dark One.

Given that they recently had a final falling out, it makes sense that at first, Mr. Gold seems indifferent when they mention his son. But as soon as David reveals that Neal was shot by Tamara and fell into a portal, Rumplestiltskin immediately gets emotional, in disbelief.

“But he wasn’t supposed to die,” Rumple says, on the edge of tears. Surprisingly, he doesn't want vengeance, though. As The Charmings explain that Greg and Tamara took the magical trigger that will destroy Storybrooke and kill everyone, and then ask for his help, he says one word: “No.”

“They killed your son in cold blood. You don’t want to stop them?” David questions.

“They didn’t kill my son; I did. I brought magic to this world to find Bae, and now he’s dead,” Rumple replies. “Magic always has a price, and this is it. And I’m about to pay it.”

Of course, Charming and Snow are shocked, reminding him that not only will everyone not born in this world (which means Henry may be safe) will die — including him.

“Yeah, I’ve made my peace with that,” Rumple says before walking away.

Do you think that he will change his mind and help, or is Storybrooke doomed? Sound off below!

Catch the finale of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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