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Revenge Season 2 Finale Predictions Roundtable: Experts Weigh In!

Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but the upcoming Season 2 finale is set to be hot, drama-packed, and super stressful. Here at Wetpaint Entertainment, it was clear that the office was filled with Revengers desperate to convey their theories and predict the unavoidable central death.

Editors Rachel McRady, Lindsay Dreyer, Samantha Leffler, and Rebecca Martin volunteered to answer this season’s burning questions as best they could. Here’s what they had to say:

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Who do you think will die in the finale and why?

Rachel: I’ve spent lots of time contemplating this answer. My main theory at the moment is one Declan Porter for reasons mentioned in previous articles, but I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to Jack getting the axe. In Season 1 Jack’s storyline really drove Emily to be a better person, but he’s bitten off far more than he can chew at this point, and he really seems to be dragging the entire show down.

Rebecca: This is a tough one, but I'm going to guess Charlotte. She's plot-expendable, and her death would take a big emotional toll on many of the key cast members. My only histency there is her pregnancy, which seems like a weird thing to throw in just before killing her; but maybe it's there to make her death more of a surprise. My second guess is Declan, but honestly, would anyone care? With Charlotte, at least some of the audience would be sad;. Dec's death is more likely to provoke cheers.

Samantha: All signs seem to point to Charlotte, but at this point that seems too obvious and we still need to know where her stupid baby storyline is going. The theory that Declan dies is an interesting one, but I’m not 100 percent convinced of that yet either.

Lindsay: I’m convinced Declan is a goner. Aside from stealing lobsters and occasionally wiping down the bar at The Stowaway, his character serves little to no purpose (unless you count being annoying). Just think about it — his demise could inspire a fresh new storyline for Season 3, and Dec fans (is that even a thing?) will find solace in the birth of his unborn baby. What about Harvard, you say? Ha. Don’t make me laugh.

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If Nolan Ross died, could the show survive?

Lindsay: Without Nolan Ross and his ever-growing collection of pastel blazers, this show is deader than Sammy the Dog (RIP). And let’s be real — Nolan and Emily will eventually get together, have little couture-clad nerd babies, and sail off into the sunset together. Or at least a girl can dream. #Nemily4Eva.

Rachel: When it was a possibility that Victoria Grayson might have died in the Season 1 finale, I tried to come up with ways that the show could continue without her. It’s essentially impossible to cut Vicki, Ems, or Nolan. Everyone else is expendable for the most part, but cutting Nolan would be an incredibly poor move on the writers’ parts.

Rebecca: It might survive, but I wouldn't be watching. Nolan is hardly the show's only only draw — the fierce leading ladies, Conrad the perfect Magnificent Bastard, and the fast pace are all excellent — but his death would be such a dumb move I'd have to rage quit in disgust.

It's not just that he's a beloved fan favorite who always brings the laughs, and it's not just that Gabriel Mann is a strong asset to the show thanks to his ability to balance comedy and pathos. Nolan plays a key role in balancing the story: He's the good guy caught up in the crazy revenge world. He's not Jack or Charlotte, always on the outside so his "innocence" can be "protected." He's not Daniel, accidentally stumbling into problems, vacillating wilding between righteous and conniving. He has his eyes open. He's a willing participant in the schemes, but he also has a sense of right and wrong, and is the key to keeping Emily tied down to the (twisted but real) morality that separates her from her enemies.

Revenge could keep going without Nolan, because Madeleine Stowe and Emily VanCamp can bring it, but it wouldn't be the same. Without her partner in crime I don't know who Emily would be, and I'm not particularly interested in finding out.

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What are your thoughts on creator Mike Kelley leaving the show?

Rebecca: My feelings are mixed. It's always hard when there's a big change like that, but Season 2 has had so many creative missteps that a new showrunner might be a good thing. As fun and smart as Revenge is, it's hardly an auteur show à la Mad Men or Community. A strong replacement could easily take the characters and world Mike Kelley created and run with them.

Rachel: I love what Mike created, but under his direction the show has lost a solid chunk of its fans. If you get too fixated on keeping out change, then you’re denying the greatness that this show could be. In Season 2, he had fleeting moments of genius followed by hours of overly complex plots and pointless characters. It’s time for a fresh start. So thanks for the memories, Mike, but I’m happy to welcome in this new era.

Samantha: From a creative perspective it always sucks when the show creator leaves, but having said that, I don’t disagree with the decision to let him go. Large parts of the show this season were way too complicated and diluted, a sharp departure from the well-structured first season. We know how good Revenge can be, now we just need to get back there again.

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Any plot twists you might be predicting?

Rachel: My theories are endless. Here are some of my favorites: Jack is holding Victoria at gunpoint and the only way Emily can stop him will be to tell him her true identity. I also have a theory centering around The Initiative and Victoria’s son. Spoilers have indicated that the terrorist organization’s storyline is ending this season, which seems pretty impossible if they’re this massive group. I think The Initiative is made up of a handful of people and run by Victoria’s son as a way to punish her for abandoning him. The group is funded by the money she used to pay him off.

Lindsay: How’s this for a plot twist: The Falcon is Takeda’s daughter! I’m not sure where I’m going with this one, so take it from here, new showrunner.

Rebecca: I'll be honest — I've been too busy trying to figure out WTF is going on with some of my other shows to put much thought into Revenge's plot twists. That said, I'll be shocked if there isn't at least one fake-out death.

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Will Conrad win his election?

Lindsay: Who cares about Conrad’s political aspirations? I’m gunning for a new dream team: Hillary Clinton and Victoria Grayson 2016! Campaign song: “Bow Down (B*tches).” But yeah, Connie will probably win. He’d make the ideal slime ball politician.

Rebecca: I think (and hope) so. Having Conrad in a position of political power opens up a tons of plot options, all of which would fit perfectly in Revenge's world of subterfuge, manipulations, and lies.

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Will Emily and Daniel actually get married?

Rachel: I certainly hope so. I may be the only Demily fan on the planet, but I really love how he humanized Ems in Season 1. People wouldn’t expect them to actually go through with it, so if they did, it would definitely be the riskier move. They can’t move to Paris, though. I can only take so many horrible green screens.

Samantha: Honestly, I hope not. Emily has proven that she doesn’t need to marry Daniel to hurt the Graysons, and her chemistry with Nolan or even Jack is much more believable, which is odd since she and Josh are dating in real life.

Lindsay: Daniel and Emily will NOT get married. It’s a fact that Emily’s a full-on cyborg with no real emotions, but somewhere deep down inside, I think she’s at least partially human. And as Victoria pointed out, Emily’s not a woman in love … at least not with Daniel. And if they do get married, let’s just hope girlfriend signs a prenup or else Daniel could end up taking her red Sharpie. The horror!

Rebecca: Honestly, I have no idea on this one. I think it would be a brave plot choice, though potentially limiting. And they definitely can't move to Paris! Whatever happens, I hope it doesn't continue the back and forth: If Emily breaks off the engagement again, this should be the last time.

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Who Is Emily’s one true love?

Rebecca: I'm not a big believer in people having a "one true love" in real life, and I'm pretty allergic to it in fiction, too, especially in twisty, dark stories like Revenge. But if you're asking who I think Emily would be best with, the answer is clear: Nolan Ross. I know that Mike Kelley claimed they were platonic and sibling-like, but I'm hoping the new showrunner will see it differently, if there is a Season 3.

Samantha: Sammy the Dog…just kidding! I want it to be Nolan, but I think we all know it’s Jack.

Rachel: I agree with Rebecca about Nolan being the best fit for Emily, but as I mentioned before, I really believe in Daniel’s ability to bring out the best in her. He got a little too “Grayson” in the beginning of Season 2, but he’s getting back to a good place, caring about his sister and lapping up Emily’s every Croc look.

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Does she really want to end up with Aiden?

Rebecca: Hmm, I'm not sure she knows what she wants. But as the season has gone on, I have sensed tension in that relationship, especially as he's started undermining her plans. Plus, in her ideal fantasy world she'd end up with Jack. Aiden will always be second best, and I don't think he'd be okay with that.

Samantha: No, I think she thinks she does but I also think it’s pretty clear that she doesn’t really know Aiden that well. There seems to be more to his character that we don’t know (RIP Takeda), and I think that will drive a wedge between them.

Lindsay: Emily only thinks she loves Aiden because they both understand what it’s like to lose someone and want revenge. I’m no expert, but something tells me shared anger isn’t the best foundation for a successful and fulfilling relationship.

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Can The Initiative be defeated?

Lindsay: Ughhh, are we STILL talking about The Initiative? They should have been defeated, like, yesterday.

Samantha: Ugh, I hope so. That whole storyline is ridiculous, and I see it as being a big part of the reason why people stopped watching.

Rebecca: God I hope so. They've been set up as all-powerful, but I'm hoping that's an illusion, because they are a huge drag on the show. Which brings me to...

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What are your hopes for Season 3?

Rebecca: Drop The Initiative stuff. Revenge is at its best when it's focused on smaller scale revenges with strong emotional components. The world is full of genre shows with shadowy organizations; let Revenge do what Revenge does best.

More Nolan and Emily. Team Revenge took a break for a large chunk of the season, and it was terrible. The last few episodes have featured way more Emily and Nolan scenes, and they've also been much stronger. We don't think that's a coincidence.

Break up Aiden and Emily. Please.

Samantha: To get back to the Season 1 structure, and for Emily to remember why she’s actually doing what she’s doing. A clear motivation for the main character is always a good thing…

Lindsay: More of the campy, soapy drama that made Season 1 so irresistible. And it goes without saying, more Mason Treadwell!

Rachel: I second the Mason Treadwell request. He’s clearly the best villain on the entire show. I’d like to return to the world of cocktail parties and red Sharpies, and have more endearing moments between Nolan and Emily like the one we saw in “Masquerade” a few weeks ago.

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