Robert Pattinson “Doesn’t Care” Kristen Stewart Is Least-Trusted Star
Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images    
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Robert Pattinson “Doesn’t Care” Kristen Stewart Is Least-Trusted Star

Trust this: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are stronger than ever.

Kristen was sadly named the least-trusted movie star in a recent Reader's Digest poll, but Rob apparently isn't bothered by that, according to Hollywood Life.

Kristen was clearly penalized by voters for her tryst with director Rupert Sanders last summer, so you might think that Rob would be concerned that America feels Kristen can't be trusted. However, it's apparently not an issue for him.

“Not only does she not care, he doesn’t care about the list and hasn’t affected their relationship positively or negatively at all,” a source says.

"He has moved on from that moment as much as he can, and they have continued to work on their relationship since then," the insider adds. "No poll is going to bring worse memories than the actual incident, but again this Reader’s Digest thing is not even on their radar."

We would have thought that K-Stew would be stressed out about the fact that only 24% of the poll voters find her trustworthy. But we admire that the Twilight couple is putting the cheating scandal behind them and focusing on their relationship.

And we're confident that Kristen can win back the public's favor in time. Trust us on that.

Source: Hollywood Life