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Ryder’s Catfish: You’ll “Definitely Be Surprised” — and He’ll Get Mad!

UPDATE: Glee's Season 4 finale revealed that Unique is the Catfish!

If you think you know who’s been Catfishing poor Ryder (Blake Jenner) on Glee this season, think again. Fans have been buzzing about rumors that Ryder’s mystery online pal might just be Unique (Alex Newell). However, when The Hollywood Reporter brought up that possibility to Blake, the Glee star played it coy.

“It could be someone you know,” he says. Well, thanks so much for clearing everything up, buddy!

“Either way, people will definitely be surprised with who it is, and they'll wonder where the story is going to go next season,” Blake continues. “I was surprised when I read the script.” As if we aren’t confused enough, he adds, “It could be anybody — it could be Mr. Schue.” Uh, if you say so.

Blake also says that Ryder will “be pissed off” early in the episode, but that the episode will be a chance for him to “take responsibility” and handle things more maturely.

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Okay, so we’re pretty sure we can rule out Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison). We hope. But is Blake trying to tell us that it’s not Unique? After all, Unique has pretty much been our best guess this entire time, but now it seems like we’re wrong.

So who the heck is this person? We’ve gotten word that the Catfish is probably played by a male actor, and Blake says in the interview that “there won't be too much of Jake” in the finale, so that seems to rule Jake (Jacob Artist) out.

Maybe the show will really surprise us and the Catfish will be, say, Stoner Brett? You never know. Then again, we have a feeling Stoner Brett doesn’t know how to use the internet, so we’ll put him in the “maybe” column.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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05.9.2013 / 12:29 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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